Twitter to establish Africa's Headquarters in Ghana

Twitter to establish Africa's Headquarters in Ghana

An optimist will see this as a fantastic opportunity for Africa to develop enough indigenous talent to compete with other countries outside the continent, where most IT and technical jobs are outsourced. The social media giant has announced that it is now actively building a team in Ghana. The goal is to become more immersed in the diverse and vibrant cultures that fuel the daily interactions that take place across Africa.

The company is looking for specialists to join several teams including product, design, engineering, marketing and communications. Full details on current job openings can be found on the Twitter Careers site. As the organization looks at the possibility of opening an office in Ghana in the future, this initiative will play a role in introducing new team members remotely so that they can make an immediate impact.


How does Ghana play a role in Twitter's plans?

Ghana, as a democracy champion, supports free expression, online freedom, and the Open Internet, all of which Twitter supports. Furthermore, Ghana's recent appointment to host the African Continental Free Trade Area's Secretariat aligns with the company's overarching aim of establishing a presence in the region to support the efforts to develop and customize our service across Africa.

Now, the fact that internationally recognized tech firms are investing in local talent is sufficient. So will this create a ripple effect? Would more corporations want to develop themselves on the continent in order to recruit some of the continent's local talent? Do we expect other businesses, such as Amazon, to make an announcement soon?


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