WhatsApp Desktop finally supports voice and video calls

WhatsApp has today added a long-awaited feature for its Desktop client—video and audio call support for  Mac and Windows after months of testing. The Facebook-owned app has been hit with criticisms—since it updated its privacy policy, further delayed till May—which led to users switching to other alternatives.

WhatsApp Desktop finally supports voice and video calls
Image: Whatsapp

In the latest update, the new desktop clients will now have native video and audio call support for one-to-one (encrypted) instances, to begin with as the feature is still in beta. The company acknowledges the importance of video calls in the current pandemic and therefore says that support for group calls will be added later.

WhatsApp also made the announcement in a tweet this morning: 

To download the desktop client, visit https://whatsapp.com/download. The feature might not be available for everyone (yet) since it is still in beta, so be patient when you do not see it. 


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