Microsoft is actually making Xbox Series X refrigerators!

Xbox Series X refrigerator

Microsoft has just brought a meme to life! Remember when the design of the Xbox Series X came out earlier this year with countless memes flying all over the timelines on Twitter, Reddit et al, the new Xbox next-gen console was likened to a refrigerator and it turns out that Microsoft really embraced it.

Microsoft actually made a giant version of the Xbox series X which as a matter of fact is a refrigerator. The working Xbox Series X refrigerator comes in the same shape and design of the Xbox Series X and it even preserves the packaging. 

In a youtube video released today by iJustine, a tech youtube popular for making Apple-related videos, she unboxed the new Xbox Series X fridge with the help of her team and the box was revealed after taking off two to three layers of seals with "8K", "1TB" and "120fps" inscriptions on it exactly like the original console which already out on sale now.

Xbox General Manager Aaron also tweeted about it the unboxing video of the Series X fridge

The best part of the fridge is that when it's open while plugged in, it produces the same boot sound like the Xbox Series X and it has the green lightning on the inside. The Xbox logo on the outside also lights up when plugged in; pleasing overall.

As of the time of writing, it can be confirmed that Microsoft has actually made at least three (3) pieces of the Xbox Series X refrigerator and has shipped two out of them: one to iJustine and the other to Snoop Dogg. The third one will be sent to anyone who wins the giveaway on Xbox's official Twitter account.

This could be proof of Microsoft improving their marketing strategy in my view but the new Xbox next-gen consoles really deserve all the attention they have so far and more. Watch the full unboxing video below


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