Apple unveils new smart speaker: HomePod Mini

Apple unveils new smart speaker: HomePod Mini

Apple has just announced a new addition into their smart speaker family: HomePod Mini—the first HomePod since the very first variant. The new spherical device though smaller still has the mesh-like outer covering of the very first HomePod.

HomePod Mini comes in two colours, white and black with a little showcase of the Siri waveform and volume controls on the top. It has one main driver, two passive radiators, and an “acoustic waveguide” on the bottom. The new HomePod Mini also features an Apple S5 chip, which Apple says permits it to utilize computational models to change how your music sounds 180 times each second. 

Apple promised support for third-party services including  Pandora, Amazon Music but Spotify was not mentioned—hopefully, that changes with time. It works seamlessly with Apple Music and is so smooth that music playing on your iPhone will automatically be played (transferred) on to the HomePod.

The Siri-powered smart home speaker is optimized for smart home devices—acting as a central hub to control all HomeKit devices like your doors, lights, room temperature, and more.

Apple HomePod Mini Features

The HomePod Mini will cost $99 and will be available on November 6th. 


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