Apple officially unveil iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini!

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 and 12 Mini have been officially unveiled by apple today. They are basically the same devices but with different screen sizes. Compact devices seem to have gone out of fashion for a few years now but apple wants to bring that trend to an end with a new addition to their iPhone lineup. The iPhone12  mini as its name suggests is the smallest of this year's iPhones with a screen size of 5.4-inch.

The iPhone 12 mini is smaller and lighter than the iPhone SE but has a larger screen due to its thin bezels, giving it a compact look and feel. It sports a 2340 x 1080 super retina XDR display with a peak brightness of 1200 which makes for a great viewing experience. It also supports HDR and Dolby Vision, meaning images are on the screen will look punchy and vibrant.  

iPhone 12 Colors

5G is finally available on an iPhone, with the iPhone 12 mini being the smallest device to support 5G. This should provide high-speed internet connection making streaming and playing online multiplayer games much smoother than they have ever been on an iPhone.

As always, you will be getting water and dust resistance on the device as well as a more resistant screen that Apple is calling Ceramic shield. It is a new process that makes the iPhone 12 screen 4x tougher than the previous generation. If you are someone who likes to use their device without a screen protector, then this will give you an added sense of security anytime you drop your device on accident.

The camera has also seen some improvement in due to a more powerful chip which has enabled for better computational photography. Low light photos and videos will look better on both the normal and ultra-wide since the latter for the first time support night mode. Photos taken with the ultra-wide have great details and colours bringing its capabilities ever closer to that of the main camera.

A major reason for these improvements in photography and videography is down to the unmatched power of the Apple A14 Bionic chip which is the most powerful mobile phone chip out there. Apple continues to be the kings when it comes to smartphone processors with the A14 bringing better CPU and GPU performance when compared to last year's A13 chip. Games will look and perform even better with this new chip.

iPhone 12 MagSafe

MagSafe is also something new introduced on the iPhone 12. It uses magnets in a way that makes for better and faster wireless charging. This also enables the use of new MagSafe accessories which can be attached to the back of the iPhone. Some of these accessories include new cases, charges, wallets, and more. This creates a whole new ecosystem, based on this new functionality as third party manufacturers can also make their own accessories to work with MagSafe.

The iPhone 12 Mini will start at $699  ~ GH₵4000 with standard iPhone 12 starting at $799 ~ GH₵4600. As part of their partnership with Verizon, you can trade in an iPhone 10 or newer in for a special offer which will see you pay  $15 per month for 12 months for the iPhone 12 or $12 per month for 24 months for the 12 Mini.  


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