Xbox Series S Revealed: A cheaper and smaller Next-Gen Xbox Console!

Xbox Series S Revealed: A cheaper and smaller Next-Gen Xbox Console!

The Xbox series S is here. Microsoft kind of shocked everyone with this especially to the PlayStation community. There have been rumors since late 2019 and now it's here. Would this console be a competition for Sony?. Well, we are yet to know. The Xbox Series S comes in white color with a large black circle, which would probably be the vent for cooling the system. The Series S comes in a much thinner and sleeker look relative to the Series X. The entry-level Xbox Series S is retailed at $299

Touching a little bit on the details the Xbox Series S comes with 3.8 GHz speed with 4 teraflops microprocessors with an amount of 10Gb of GDDR6 video memory. Targeting a whooping 60fps and beyond with 1080p resolution with a dynamic 4k resolution. This makes the Xbox Series S much more capable in-game than the Xbox one X in almost every aspect, thanks to the newer and powerful architecture. 

The Series S coming in all digital form thus, there would be no form of UHD blu-ray drive or basically would not support disc drives. And also comes in a 512Gb SSD worth of storage. Therefore, would result in much quicker loading screens and load up to 5 games in seconds. With some leaks, the Xbox series consoles are expected to released on November 10, 2020. 

The Series S tends to come in two versions with different price tags as $299 and $499. Thus, the higher priced tagged console would perform better and with higher storage. The Series S might aid to strengthen the competition between the newly to be released consoles between Playstation and Microsoft.


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