Microsoft says Xbox Game Pass re-branding is nothing special

Microsoft unveiled a new logo for Xbox Game Pass over the weekend—this saw the removal of the "XBOX" text from the new logo and a bit of confusion among fans who expressed their jumbled opinions largely on Twitter and Reddit. 

Microsoft responds to new xbox game pass logo brouhaha
Introduced in mid-2017, Xbox Game Pass is a video game subscription service for PC and Xbox that grants gamers access to game titles at a monthly fee.

Microsoft making "Xbox" less prominent in the new logo meant to some that the company was planning to separate the Game Pass brand from Xbox but this was not a very strong case in my view because, though the Xbox text was removed, the logo still remained, even in the Game Pass for PC subscription too. Also, this is not new—Apple did same with Apple Pay, Music, and their new Apple Card and Arcade so the thought Microsoft is discontinuing Xbox and therefore disassociating Game Pass from it being the first step makes it more ridiculous.

Apple Services: Apple News, Music, TV+

The new Xbox Series X will officially go on sale later this year with exciting exclusive games so the assumption that any significant changes will be coming to the Game Pass service any time soon does not carry any weight.

The company officially made a response in an interesting yet simple tweet to clear any doubt.

This was a wise decision to simply come out and clear any doubts. We know not so much will be happening around Xbox Game Pass at least for now, but we look forward to what the new Next-Gen consoles have for us beginning holiday this year.   


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