The Xbox Series X: Is this a gaming PC?

Xbox series x, this Microsoft create a PC?, The Xbox series x comes with a PC driven architecture. We are looking at Zen Cores inside. The Xbox series x looks pretty much different from other generation consoles. Portraying a PC form design, the Xbox series x looks more like a higher-tower based system unit. Let's jump into the architecture itself, the console's processor comes with 8 AMD Zen 2 CPU cores which can clock to over 3.6 GHz, which simply means you get your console to run very fast rate relatively faster than older models. And talking about the GPU the Xbox series x has twice the GPU horsepower for Xbox one X. Which was delivered as a result of their latest Zen 2 and next-generation RDNA architecture that is not even out on the PC yet, as being partners of AMD?

Prior to their new GPU architecture ray tracing is now supported in gaming, and there have been also specific hardware and audio engines that have been specifically built into the chip. The GPU itself is massive with the AMD RDNA 2.0 Graphics, we are looking at 52 CUs running at 1825 MHz.

Now if you are not into speed and feeds this might not interest you or mean anything to you. The series x also comes with a mind-blowing 16gb of GDDR6 memory which is to process the graphics. With another huge improvement, the console comes with an amazing storage of 1TB Custom PCIe 4.0 SSD disk type would virtually eliminate load times and bring players to their games even faster than before.

You could also connect an external hard drive to the console to play games from, but just so you know you wouldn't be able to play Xbox series X games simply because they expect that high-level speed. Those players out there who would love to have more than 1TB storage on their Xbox Series X could get the storage expansion module. Meaning you could expand your internal SSD module by simply plugging in the external SSD module in your console, which also gives you a full 1TB SSD space.

A new console is nothing without a new controller, the Xbox Series x comes with a new controller that has a better feel on the d-pad and slightly modified and now we do have a shared button built-in. And new to the controller, we now have USB-C with past models space for your double-A battery is also an option
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