Our Memes of the Week: #23

Life Meme
What bleak times we're in!! This year just keeps getting worse. Well, that's why we're here. To put smiles on your face every now and then. Enjoy...

Snitching Meme
She even snitches on her brothers
Dads, Watermelon Meme
Slap that bih

Deception Meme
I've gotta try this...

Video Game Meme
Good timesπŸ˜ͺ

Deception Meme
He's not exactly wrong either

Netflix Meme
It ez what it eezz 

Growing Up Meme

Drake, Pooh, Brain Meme

Life Meme
Life is hard...lol

Sharing Stuff Meme

Netflix Meme

Life Meme

Google Search Meme
A fridgeπŸ™„πŸ˜…

Washing Hands Meme
Everyday mood

Life Meme

Staying up Meme

Wisdom Meme
On Gad

Beauty Meme

Crying Meme

Crying Meme

2020 Meme
All Lives do Matter
However, saying All Lives Matter in such  a time is like  crashing a stranger's funeral shouting I TOO HAVE FELT LOSS
When someone is in pain we don't complain about ours
Rather we surround the person and try to comfort them

Click here to sign a petition for George Floyd

That's all for this week folks. More memes the same time next week. More from last week.
Follow all precautions and stay safeπŸ’š

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