Our Memes of the Week #22

Baptism, Coronavirus Meme
The priest looks too comfortable with the gun in his hands. He got the stance down and allπŸ˜‚. Anyways, I wanna go back to school. You too?? Let's enjoy some memes then... 

PC Meme

Dolls Meme

Don't Meme
Don't forget to share this post

Assignment Meme
It is what it isss

Elon Musk Meme

Food Meme
I thought it was just me

Me and the boys Meme
Gary be doing the mostπŸ˜‚

PS5 Meme

Sleep Meme

Spotify Meme

Relationship Meme

Nose Mask Meme

Teachers Meme

Queen Elizabeth, Coffin Dancers Meme
All shall pass except the Queen

2020 Meme
Submitting assignments...
Tom and Jerry Meme
This has got to be the most toxic friendship...lmao

Captain America Meme
πŸ’€Did him dirty

Tests Meme

Coronavirus Meme
Aw hell nah

Coffin Dance Meme
A befitting send-offπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜‚
Don't forget to follow all the necessary precautions.
Stay safeπŸ’š

Phew!! Still missing school, check out more memes from last week. Even more to come next week✌.

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