The Last Of Us Part II: Everything you need to know

Naughty Dog's sequel to the much acclaimed action-adventure survival game Last Of Us was set to be released on May 29, 2020, but due to all the commotion  COVID-19 came with, it has been delayed till June 29, 2020. This title is exclusive to the Playstation only. Sorry Xbox fans looks like another L is on its way. Its release was set to follow the same pattern in 2013 which involves them releasing the title a few months before the next console comes out, so it can be playable on both the older and newer models.
The Last of Us, Part II
Young Joel and Ellie
The story accurately depicts the struggles of dealing with teenagers (coughs*girls*coughs) and things turn left very quickly so the player has to stay on his toes at all times. This game got a lot of accolades because of its elite graphics, crisp gameplay, near real-life cut-scenes, and the overall attention to detail.
The Last of Us: Part Ii
In the upcoming sequel we would like to see a few things;
  • A longer game; We'd like to enjoy a slightly longer story, maybe 4 additional hours of gameplay to bump it up to a juicy 20 hours, that would be lovely.
  • Better graphics; It's so hard to critique this game because it had next-level visuals, but we can't wait to see what it'll look like with the new HDR gaming and other fancy stuff the new-gen console will bring.
  • Possibly a co-op story mode; imagine a two-player story mode where both of you have to combine forces and ideas to progress, that's something I would really love to see.
  • An improvement in the online multiplayer experience; the whole idea of the faction was cool but we'd like the experience to be more immersive with a lot more excitement and madness!

The Last of  Us Part I featured a story about Joel, a courier trying to help a teenage girl named Ellie across the United States, through a post-apocalyptic environment. Such an environment tasks the player to be resourceful and strategic in order to survive. From crafting tools and weapons to planning your attacks and approaches to getting past the different kinds of zombies; the runners, clickers, and bloaters. In each stage of the game, you will find creatures more dangerous than the last, which makes for a thrilling real-life horror movie experience. 

The first title had a near-perfect score from the critics and we're likely to see the same, because... you know... Naughty Dog doesn't miss and because they don't release that many games, their precision, and attention to detail are second to none.

The Part II promises to be an emotional rollercoaster where we explore and experience their struggles five years after the pandemic (perfect timing with the world lol) where they settle in Wyoming. The story follows 19-year-old Ellie on a quest for justice and vengeance after some violent events disrupt the newfound stability after their traumatic experiences with a splash of PTSD influenced episodes. This should be fun!

 Just in case you were wondering, HBO plans to make a Last Of Us a series at some point in the future so let's hope it doesn't unfold in such disappointing fashion, as they did with their other series (that will remain nameless ;).
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