Is the Pixel 4A going to undercut Apple's iPhone SE?!!

The rumored Pixel 4A

Apple's decision to release a $399 iPhone was surprising to say the least due to mere reason that they are not known for releasing  reasonably priced devices that can be considered as budget sensitive. One reason that may have pushed Apple into releasing the iPhone SE may have been the success of Google's Pixel 3A which is a budget device that redefined what a budget phone is.

Instead of packing a device with the best processor and large amounts of RAM, Google focused on the cameras on the Pixel 3A. This was significant because the camera is usually one of the corners that are cut in budget devices in order to have the latest and fastest processor. So focusing on giving an amazing camera experience on a $399 Android device turned out to be the right move by Google, and this was evident in the sales of the Pixel 3A. It managed to sell more than their flagship in the Pixel 3 and 3XL even though these were released earlier.

 Google is generally considered by many to have the best image processing software out there. So making that available for $399, along with the best Android experience was an intelligent move by them. Google is expected to release the successor to the Pixel 3A, the Pixel 4A, in a few month's time and as usual we have some rumors circulating. They will be hoping to hit it out of the park with this one since the Pixel 4 had a lot of hype, but received a mixed reaction after its release. It is natural that the Pixel 4A will be compared to the iPhone SE when it is released but if the rumors are true, then the Pixel 4A will be a much better buy.
Leaked Pixel 4A box

Here are they rumored specs of google’s budget handset:
  • ·        5’8 1080P+ Display
  • ·        12MP Rear Camera
  • ·        3080mAh Battery
  • ·        64GB/128GB Storage
  • ·        SNAPDRAGON 730
  • ·        Capacitive(Rear) Fingerprint  Scanner
  • ·        15W or 18W Charging Speeds
  • ·        And Yes, There’s a Headphone Jack.

These are fairly standard specs for a budget device with nothing really standing out or catching attention. But what instantly makes this device provide much more value when compared to the iPhone SE is its price. It was first rumored that the device would cost around  $399 but according to Stephen hall from 9to5 Google, the 128GB variant of the device may go for $349 with the 64GB variant going for as low as $299. It is also rumored that the device will have some features which are available on the Pixel 4 like astral photography, which makes the proposition even more appealing. If all this turns out to be true, we could have the best budget phone of 2020 on our hands.

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