#TRENDING10 - Top 10 Tech News / Trends of the Week #10

What's trending in Tech? Discover what's hot in technology in the previous week. Need to stay up-to-date with the best of news and trends in technology? Don't worry we've got you covered. In case you missed last week's edition here is a recap.

#TRENDING10 - Top 10 Tech News / Trends of the Week #10

WhatsApp Dark Mode now Available Everywhere!

WhatsApp has finally included the dark mode feature in the latest update of the app on iOS and Android. The highly anticipated Dark mode feature was added to "readability" and to "... help users to easily focus their attention on the screen" according to the Facebook-owned company.

Progress: 5G now available for some cities Canada

The Rogers has officially become the first network (carrier) in Canada to provide a true 5G service in Canada. Starting with the low-band 600MHz, the new service went live in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver last weekend and will require a 5G - capable device. Luckily Samsung announced a few of them in this year's unpacked event. It is worth noting 5G still has a long way to go but the steady progress is encouraging.

Bye, Legend...

John Legend's voice will no longer be available for Google Assistant

In April last year Google Assistant got a 'Legend-ary' update which gave users the opportunity to replace the virtual assistant's voice with John Legend's soothing voice but Google announced via Twitter that the cameo will be unavailable after March 23rd. Since it's not too late, here's how to make Google Talk like a Legend! (iOS is also supported).

'The Last of Us' TV series is coming to HBO from the creator of 'Chernobyl'

Naughty Dog, the maker of the Uncharted video game series and 'The Last of Us' is partnering with HBO to create a The Last of Us TV series -- yes, a full show rather than a one-off feature. If you enjoyed the games, you're definitely going to love the movie as HBO will actively work with the original writer of the storyline (of the game) to preserve the story. The Last of Us II video game is set to be released later this year, among the best of the upcoming games we picked this year. Here's the list.

Still on movies ...

Movies Coming To Cinemas March 2020

March is here in all its glory... with several movies coming to the big screen. Though not known for hosting blockbusters, there are more than a few movies that might catch your eye. If you’re looking for movies to watch with a friend, family or colleague? You’re at the right place.  Here's a comprehensive list of movies available in theaters all around the world that you need to see.

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