Everything you need to know about the PlayStation 5


The Road to PS5... There are several factors that influenced the development of the PlayStation console. With the PS5 introducing the new SSD drive, players now have instantaneous reload times and high data transfer rates within minimal time. In other words, system booting and console load times whiles playing games will be much faster. Gaming will feel extra smooth since bandwidth is being transferred at higher rates now(5GB/s). The new SSD on the PS5 is supposed to facilitate ultra-fast boot, no load screens, ultra-high-speed streaming, de-duplicate game data, and no long patch installs.

Playstation is also giving players the chance to use external hard disks (HDDs) that can be added to the SSD provided. Players who also want to jump unto their PS4 games on the PS5 can also use these external hard drives, connect them unto their PlayStation 5 and they are good to go. Or, you can copy your active PlayStation 4 title to the PS5's SSD storage. Sony is revolutionizing the PS5 with new features and higher efficiency, backward compatibility and familiarity for developers. The GPU for this year's console, the PS5 is AMD'S Custom RDNA 2 Based AMD GPU. Introduced to the PS5 from the RDNA Architecture is ray tracing using the same strategies for AMD's upcoming PC GPU.
PS5 Specs

The PS5 will also have an 8 core CPU 7nm Processor with AMD Ryzen 3 featuring 16 threads and a custom clock speed of 3.6 GHz. PlayStation has developed a new audio sense to create 3D sounds for gameplay. Players can now almost tell the exact position of their enemies or identify exact objects with their exact sound. According to Sony, the PS5 will be able to render up to 8k graphics, Amazing! Also, graphics will now be rendered smoother at 4K with probably a frame rate up to 120. Players who are concerned about how smooth their games run would be satisfied. Games saved in some kind of way would be able to play on an older generation console. 
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