Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Are we going to accept Apple's next portless iPhones?

Are we going to accept Apple's next portless iPhones?

What if apple kills the port? There is a growing sense that Apple will most likely remove their lightening port off of their iPhone in two years' time. To make an iPhone with completely no ports. There would be completely no port for earphones or charging your phone thus, it will entirely dependent on everything wireless, from wireless charging to wireless earphones as they already have with the AirPods. Would this be a disadvantage to those who wouldn't be able to afford these wireless accessories? Apple has the ability to sell or market and idea that people don't really know if they want, which gets adopted in the industry and consumers until they become a desirable feature for most people.

 In releasing the iPhone 7, Apple took off the well known integrated headphone jack, many people were upset but finally got used to it. In the long run, other flagship phones from other companies also decided to remove the headphone jack. I don't know if Apple advertised these very well for other companies to adopt it or these companies realized you could make extra money from removing the headphone jack. The concept of a portless iPhone is not new, back in 2017 there were rumours that the iPhone X is going to be portless but it seems wireless charging technology wasn't good enough for them so they ignored it and brought the regular lightning port to their phones.

This could be another strategy for apple to gain more income since users would be forced to purchase these wireless accessories and also can be an advantage to making waterproofing easier, make the design aesthetic a little cleaner and in theory, would have a bigger room so you can have a bigger battery. And would other companies copy this concept too? in other to also make more income. So what's your take on this? if you are an apple user are you cool with this? And do you think this is the direction smartphones will be going into?