Tesla Releases Software Update: V10 Brings Smart Summon, Netflix , "Car-aoke" and more...

Tesla just rolled out its new Software Update, Version 10 and it packs quite a lot of interesting features. After the announcement, the company's shares rose by 6 per cent.
Tesla Model S
Source: Tesla

Most prominent of the features is Smart Summon which would permit customers to “enable their car to navigate a parking lot and come to them or their destination of choice, as long as their car is within their line of sight.” It would allow cars equipped with the optional $5,000 full-self driving package to automatically drive themselves from a parking slot to fetch the driver. You can also choose to remotely stop the car if you need to.  The company, however, advises that the feature should only be used when the car is in clear view.

Another available feature is the Tesla Theater Mode.  This will allow the driver to connect his/her Netflix, Hulu and Youtube accounts so that they can watch videos on the vehicles' dash console[iPad like-displays]. However, this feature can't be used while driving. Tesla's self-driving features aren't yet advanced enough for drivers to switch off and watch movies. This feature would, therefore, come in handy when customers wait and charge their vehicles.
Tesla Dashboard
Source : Tesla

According to a study by DMEAutomotive, singing out loud is the top non-driving activity people do in a car. Over half of drivers engage in it whiles driving. In response to numerous requests, Tesla is rolling out a "Car-aoke" feature. It will include a huge library of music and lyrics as well as multi-language support that drivers and passengers can use while driving or parked. The new update will also be allowing customers to stream Spotify,  Slacker Radio, and  TuneIn when connected to WiFi. In China, Telsa is rolling out Ximalaya, a podcast, and audiobook streaming service. New Navigation features called 'I'm feeling lucky' and 'I'm feeling hungry' would be available too. This would take drivers to destinations and restaurants, respectively.

This a pretty big update and might differ from region to region. However, Tesla would allow you to check out the updates in stores for a sneak preview.
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