Apex Legends Season 03 Meltdown launch - Everything we know.

Apex legends season 3 is getting close, with every season getting bigger and better there has been news on editions and particular coming to season 3 is the bloodhound and the lifeline edition and as usual, there will be coins for players a 1,000 coins to acquire for each of the edition. The lifeline edition comes with Legendary Guardian Angel Legendary Skin, Legendary Chooser of the Slain Flatline Skin, Exclusive Winged Guardian Banner and the Exclusive Angel Struck Badge and the bloodhound edition also come along with the Legendary The Intimidator Bloodhound skin, Legendary Wrath Bringer Prowler skin, Exclusive Feeling Impish Banner and the Exclusive Tormentor Badge.

Respawn needs to keep up with these kinds of editions and events to give players a different feel of what they are already used to or playing and to also keep up with their fellow battle royale competitors. An even better there is a new legend hopping unto the map to test his fate of survival. Being a hacker he knows much of everything about anything. Crypto, the new legend, pretty much sounds like an Asian specifically South Korean and I think our Asians(South Koreans) buddies would want to test him out as a form of patriotism. That was just by the way. 

And guess what guys, Apex Legends Season 3 is getting a new map with lots of different locations from the reveal trailer we see a Volcano site, a snow site, and other green areas.

About the reveal trailer, we see octane jumping into a geyser which redeployed him into the air, this geyser may also act in a way as a jump pad which will bring attacking opportunities for some players. We also see Crypto use a new weapon we have seen forever in leaks people say it's going to be a charge rifle coming to Apex legends.

I mean the change to a new arena is going to be one of the biggest impacts on the game as it is the most requested change from fans. There are lots of expectations coming to Apex Legends Season 3 Meltdown on October 1st

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