iOS 13 Release date, supported devices and NEW features confirmed!

Apple will officially release the iOS 13 on September 19 with the iOS 13.1 will be released 12 days later. We made speculations on the software update and for those who do not plan on buying a new iPhones you will get amazing of features.

Devices compatible with the iOS

1. iPhone SE
2. iPod Touch
3. iPhone 6s, 6s+
4. iPhone 7, 7+
5. iPhone 8, 8+
6. iPhone X
7. iPhone XR
8. iPhone Xs Max

What's new?

In addition to the dark mode, it feels like there were some quality updates on the software. This version puts more emphasis on privacy - probably because of the Siri's embarrassing debacle. Thanks to the "SIGN IN WITH APPLE" feature,  it provides impressive privacy options. Apps like Reminders, Apple Maps and Messages have been improved. Messages have the ability to set a profile picture shared with your contact. Safari has a new website settings menu.

Other smaller but nifty features include a new Find My app that combines Find My iPhone and Find My Friends.

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