10 Best Photo Editing Software for Windows and Mac in 2019

Photo Editors are essential apps that provide the required tools for users to do whatever they want to their photos. With an interface to simply do things like rotate, crop, or change the size are some of the few options these apps can provide us. Other features allow you to adjust the contrast, brightness or luminance and alter the overall appearance of your photos. There are tons of good free editing software out there. They usually vary according to use and for other various photo editing services. If you are confused about which one to use let us save you the agony and let us narrow down your choices.

1. Picktorial

Picktorial is a simple option for all Mac users out there on the lookout for a handy photo editing tool. It allows for basic photo adjustments, filters and effects. One amazing feature is that it can also act as a digital asset management system so you can easily manage your pictures in the program. To access full features of the app it may be purchased for an annual subscription fee of only $60.


                                                       Picktorial for Mac users

2. In-Pixio

Are you a beginner in photo editing? The nice thing about this is that the user can easily switch from the before and after view. The app allows the user to save the picture in a lot of file types or choose to post directly to your FB account.

3. Photoscape X

This is a premium editor that offers a basic and completely free version. There are better effects to choose from when you decide to upgrade to the Pro version. If you are a professional photographer, I won't recommend this but the basic version can let you do many attractive edits.

4. Photoshop Express

Photoshop is known to be the standard for other editing apps. The free version is available to have a feel of what it can do. It does not have easy-to-use tools that are combined in a less robust interface. It has the capabilities of enhancing a picture decently with a few taps.

5. Gimp

One of the most popular choices to pick from. It has a similar prototype as Adobe's Photoshop since it comes with almost the same editing tools. The advantage is that it's constantly evolving. This is not surprising as there are many contributors who work hard in creating advanced tools keeping everything so simple and fast. The software can handle any type of image file. It is one of the best photo editing software and has everything you are looking for.

6. Darkable

Just like any other free photo editing software it works with similar tools and functions. What makes it stand out is that it has successfully replicated the function of editors like Adobe Light-room. Serving as a free version of Light-room, it has powerful editing tools. It can also work on JPEG and RAW files.

                                                     This is how the interface looks like

7. Fotor

For those with zero knowledge about Photoshop, then Fotor is the best way to go. Fotor is rather preferred by more advanced users offering a less complicated interface to edit photos. It allows the user to make photo collages with smart filters and a number of special effects.

8. Nikon Capture NX-D for Nikon

Nikon is one of the most widely used cameras by professional photographers. It's funny how most people disregard its free software. It does not have stunning outcomes but it is packed with basic but on-point functions. You can enhance your pictures if you are a Nikon camera user.

9. Microsoft Windows 10 Photos

Just like in Mac, Windows provides a convenient free photo editing software. It offers basic photo fixes like adding image effects and drawing on the pictures. It also allows you to arrange your photos in a systematized manner.

10. Photo Pos Pro

Both beginners and professionals will find this software a great option for photo editing software. It has an interface to match the level of the user's photo editing skills. Advanced users can use the array of professional editing features on the Expert interface. These interfaces are both user-friendly. However, it is frustrating to have time for the software's slow start. After finally loading everything, the app speeds up. This is not recommended if you are planning to print the photos since it can save photos up to 1,024 x 2,014 pixels.
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