This! is FIRESTORM battlefield v's new battle royale experience that brings to you different ways of combat. Fight for survival across land, air and sea. Firestorm brings the biggest map ever on the battlefield franchise and an immerse sandbox 10 times bigger than in "HAMADA" in battlefield v. This franchise of battlefield v's firestorm comes with all battlefield v signature visual gameplay, gun mechanics, combat vehicles and destructible environments. This is a world dominated by the firestorm, a huge deadly ring of fire that destroys anything in its path. Fleeing on foot isn't your only option, with 17 vehicles available you will have a range of options in navigating through the battleground. 

You can choose to ride in heavy armour or to cruise in a schwimmwagen or to either patrol in the skies with a helicopter and other more vehicles to help you travel faster to fight off enemies. 

As you travel across the battleground you can gear up as there are common, rare and epic weapons. Strongboxes, safes and vehicle lockups have some of the best items, if you are knocked down in a fight by an enemy, you can be revived by a teammate. There are re-supply objectives that reward squad with rare or epic loot. Watch out for the barrage balloons and you could snatch an artillery strike, supply box, v1 rocket and even a tank. This battleground is challenging with every victory to be unique you would have to rally with your squad and adapt to new situations to become the last squad STANDING as the firestorm shrinks.

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