Nokia 8 leak shows off attractive, affordable flagship phone

Nokia’s re-entry into the smartphone space was celebrated by the announcement of phones that are slick, but decidedly mid-range: the Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. However, a recent leak teases that something much closer to a flagship-status device could be coming soon.

If the above print-outs are to be believed, the so-called Nokia 8 will rock a bezel-free design, even going as far as wrapping the screen around the sides a bit like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The ultra-slim top and bottom bezels really put the focus on the rumored 2K resolution six-inch display.

The leaked image shows the front and back of the device pretty clearly, and while a fingerprint sensor doesn’t make its presence known, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. It’s very possible that Nokia has implemented it underneath the front glass panel, leaving the back of the phone solely for the rear-facing camera. 

Nokia recently announced a partnership with Zeiss, which we think will show its fruits first with the Nokia 9, a phone that’s heavily rumored to feature a dual camera system.

A trip around the purported Nokia 8
Another image within the same leak shows off a few more angles of the purported Nokia 8, which you can check out below.

The rounded-edge look of this device doesn’t appear to be too far off from some previous Nokia designs, though it does look fairly thin. Around the phone, it looks like we’ll be treated to the usual suspects of ports and features, like a USB-C charging port, front-facing camera and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

According to KnowYourMobile, the leak states that the Nokia 8 will come with a Snapdragon 835, 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM, all of which points toward a truly powerful smartphone for 2017.

The most tantalizing bit of info is its price, which is stated in the materials to be 3,188 Chinese Yuan, which converts roughly to $469/£361. For a phone with these specs, that’s unbelievably affordable. We’re excited to see if the Nokia 8 comes to fruition soon or if it’s saving its ammo for the anticipated Nokia 9.
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