Hello guys, 

I want to introduce you to my upcoming #TRENDING10 should I say program or movement or simply say news updates. #TRENDING10 as its name goes is simply to share the top 10 latest tech news highlights all round but mostly on the big companies (example Apple, Google, Microsoft etc..) 

This will be  done at least once every week (Yay!!). This is to make up for my inconsistency last year and the year before (due to school which I've graduated now!). I am not going to write long essays so you need not to worry. I will just state the topic and give little details on it. One or  more topics will be elaborated on in their independent posts so do not worry.

To conclude with, my one and only request from you this reader is for you to press any of the available share buttons so it can reach another friend. I promise to do my part by providing you with the most accurate and concise information.

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