PC Gaming still remains undefeated due to the freedom to mod, customize and more. There are so many games on steam but Steam gamers mostly think you have to always spend to get the best. We at DE JAY'S BLOG are saying it's completely false! To back up our claim, here's your list!
In descending order from 10 to 1, the games have been listed together with their download links 

10. War Thunder

Download here: War Thunder

9. Planetside 2

Download here: Planetside 2

8. EVE: Online

Download here: EVE: Online

7. Dota 2

Download here: Dota 2

6. Path of Exile

Download here: Path of Exile

5. Clicker Heroes

Download here: Clicker Heroes

4. Faeria

Download here: Faeria

3. Hawken

Download here: Hawken

2. Neverwinter

Download here: Neverwinter

1. Team Fortress 2

Download it here: Team Fortress 2
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