Google developing it's own processor named Google Silicon.


It seems that in a few years from now, every major OEM will have its own in-house SoC to power their devices just like Samsung and Apple do. The latest company to design their own chip for future smartphones and laptops is Google. In April of last year, it was reported that they were working on their own chip nicknamed 'Whitechapel' which would be used in future Pixels and Chromebooks. We did not know how long we would have to wait to see this happen, but new rumors have given us a fair idea of when to expect these chips in Pixel devices. It could happen as soon as this year. 

A new report from 9to5Google mentions that the Pixel 6 slated for a late 2021 release will be among the first devices to come powered with the new SoC. Google is referring to this chip as GS101 internally where GS stands for Google Silicon. The chip is being manufactured by Samsung"s semiconductor division on their 5nm process.

This could help Google better optimize the pure Android experience you get on all Pixel devices. Google's devices provide some of the best mobile photography around. Adding the new level of control they will have over the design of the most important component of the device could take the camera capabilities of the upcoming pixel to the next level.


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