Android and iOS: Top racing games you should check out today.

Racing Games

Mobile gaming has been getting popular for some time now. It's inevitable due to how good and powerful our handled devices have become. The graphics that you can get on your Android/ios device depending on the game you are playing can be outstanding. Some of the best games on the Google play store and Apple store are racing games with impressive graphics and gameplay. Here are three(3) of the best racing games you should check out.

3. Mario Cart Tour

If you are a fan of Mario and the Mario universe, you will enjoy this one. You get to play with your favorite characters on traditional tracks that fans would be used to. The controls are easy to master and use making the game enjoyable. All the classic Mario cart shenanigans are present, like launching turtle shells at opponents and leaving banana peels on the track. The races are not too long which prevents the sessions from getting tiresome.

Mario Cart

Google Play Store/Apple Store

2. Need For Speed: No Limits.

The popularity of the need for speed franchise in the gaming world is unmatched and is considered as the game that started the trend of racing games amongst gamers. Need for speed has had massive success of PC and Console with the many titles they have released on them. But when it came to mobile, they were not present. This changed EA released No Limits on mobile which meant we could now enjoy the game on our smartphones as well. The game offers about 30 cars which upgradable using the rewards you get from winning races. The controls are also simple, allowing you to enjoy the game without paying too much attention to where you are supposed to touch the screen.

Need For Speed

Google Play Store/Apple Store

1. Asphalt 9 Legends

Asphalt 9 provides some of the best graphics you can find on any mobile game ever created. Everything in this game looks stunning. The textures, roads, and build buildings in this game are the best in any racing game on mobile today. The game does not get boring due to the unique and innovative tracks you get to race on. The fast-paced approach to the races gives you that thrill you want from a racing game while keeping the races at a good length to keep you coming back for more. Asphalt 9 also has an online community where you can collaborate with other racers all over the world. If you want the best racing experience on a smartphone, then this is the game for you.

Asphalt 9

Google Play Store/Apple Store


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