OnePlus 9 Pro Leaked Pictures - An Early Look

OnePlus 9 Pro Leaked Pictures - An Early Look

Allegedly, there has been a leak of the OnePlus 9 Pro. Which are legitimately real. The camera array of the leaked pictures seems to be the only one seen on an OnePlus 9 phone. That implies that the other leaks seen are just regular OnePlus 9 because the camera system is slightly different. This has a four-camera setup and you will notice a branding of Hasselblad at the back of the phone. 

Apparently, the leaked pictures of the OnePlus 9 Pro also indicated curved edges on the side of the phone and also have a glossy back. You will notice the frame is cut around the sleep-wake button and the notification slider unlike the OnePlus 9. 

OnePlus 9 new camera - HASSELBLAD

Evidently, it comes with 11GB of ram and 256GB of memory storage. And with the camera system, you have your regular lens, wide-angle, and ultra-wide. The most interesting thing is the branding at the back of the camera array. The HASSELBLAD.

OnePlus 9 Pro Leaked Pictures - An Early Look

 If you are unfamiliar with that company, they are a Swedish camera company and they are best known for their medium format camera, expensive stuff. At the very least, OnePlus is partnering with Hasselblad to create this camera system. 


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