Apple has huge plans for its folding phone


Apple is working on their own foldable phone which is expected to come out sometime within the next two(2) to three(3) years. Even though the company is always late when it comes to implementing the latest tech in their products, that does not stop them from selling millions of units whenever they choose to do so.

Folding devices are still considered new and unmatured tech but the improvements Samsung has made in the first and second-gen of the Fold is very promising. This bodes well for the future of folding tech and the latest moves  Apple is making seem to show that they believe so as well. Two companies supply the display panels that Apple use in their devices and these companies are Samsung and LG. Whenever Apple splits the manufacturing of the screens of an upcoming iPhone, it means they expect to sell millions of devices and believe one company can not keep up with that demand. Apple seems like they are going to take that approach with their folding phone.

Apple concept foldable phone

Apple has already sourced prototypes from Samsung which they used for testing. Sources within Apple's supply chain have claimed that LG is helping them in the development of a folding display. This does not mean they have decided to have both companies supply the folding displays but it is a good sign. If they do, it could be the boost that this form factor needs to go mainstream.



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