Sony Removes Cyberpunk 2077 from playstation store

After the massive launch of Cyberpunk 2077, there has been a disastrous fan outrage of complaints of bugs, crashes, poor performance, and glitches on every platform including high-end PCs. Fans are understandably outraged by the game which has been in development for about 7 sevens is barely playable.

The rage of fans has reached the point where Projekt Red is encouraging fans to get a refund of the franchise. Which has resulted in Sony removing Cyberpunk from the PlayStation store, specifying that Cyberpunk won't be returning to the Playstation store until it's actually playable. 

And allegedly Microsoft hasn't removed Cyberpunk from its store and hasn't made any announcements doing so, but seems refunds and warnings will be made available for fans. Some patches have been released by Projekt Red supposedly to be a part of the roadmap towards fixing the game. 

Alongside addressing gamers by apologizing and providing a timeline in which these patch fixes will be released. Projekt Red also stated there will be two major patch fixes, starting with Patch #1 in January and Patch #2 in February. There haven't been any official announcements as to when Cyberpunk will be returning to the Playstation Store, but fans can still get the hard copies on their Playstation 4. 


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