Samsung's Midrange Processor beats the Snapdragon 865+.


Exynos 1080

It seems that the days of Exynos lagging behind Snapdragon is coming to an end very soon. We have some Antutu benchmark scores which reveal some unexpected and shocking results. It shows that the upcoming Exynos 1080 SoC scores higher than the Snapdragon 865+ which is Qualcomm's most powerful processor at the moment.

Antutu Scores

What makes this impressive is that Exynos 1080 is not a flagship processor but instead an upper midrange processor which means this is not the best Samsung can offer. It features an ARM Cortex-A78 core and a Mali-G78 GPU. The main reason for this jump in performance is the Cortex-A78 core which is being used. The 1080 is meant to be a successor to the 980 which is found in the 5G variant of Samsung's best selling device of this year, the Galaxy A51.

Exynos 1080

We may have to wait a bit longer to see this new processor power a Samsung phone as leaks seem to point to a Vivo device being the first to have the 1080. Ice Universe who is regarded as a credible leaker has revealed the Vivo X60 might be the first device to feature the Exynos 1080.

All of Samsung's upcoming processors are built on a 5nm architecture meaning they're not also going to be more powerful, but also more power-efficient. With an upper midrange processor showing such scores, we cant wait to see how the Exynos 1090 does.


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