Apex Legends Season 6: Boosted

It's another time for respawn to release an update for their big hit franchise Apex Legends season 6 is here, featuring a new Legend. Introducing Rampart who is known as an expert modder who made it up from underground club fights. Season 6 comes with bigger and new features and as usual the Rank league split, there are no signs of a new map coming to season 6. Coming to the update is also a new weapon, an energy weapon that was brought to Titanfall 2 and how now made it's way to the battleground, the Volt SMG. 

We are hoping it brings a big change in the battlegrounds alongside the new legend (Rampart). Jumping into the battle pass, coming this season which includes a few is a new pathfinder skin alongside the sentinel weapon, bloodhound's incredible new skin which i honestly think it's the best so far respawn has offered bloodhound mains. This season also brings new ways for legends to leave their marks on the arena, Introducing the all-new holo-sprays. They come in as deployable markers that legends can leave in the arena to show off to their opponents. 

And as always legends can trick out their experience with new music packs, loading screens, banners, gun charms, and a new set of jump dive emotes. Gear up and bring the swag with the Season 6 battle pass. 

And with our new legend, Rampart. Fortifies a team squad, with her tactical ability, Amped Cover. Which charges up the outgoing fire to increase the devastating effect and combines with her passive ability which increases magazine/heat capacity and faster reloads/recharge when using LMGS and the minigun. 

Season 6 boosted is here available to download on 18th August 2020.


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