WhatsApp is down for several users Worldwide!

Multiple users from different parts of the world are reporting within the last few minutes—as of the time of writing that WhatsApp is down. A report from Downdetector also confirms a significant amount of people experiencing several challenges on the Facebook-owned app, majorly related to connection and issues with the sending and receiving of messages on the app. 
WhatsApp is down for several users Worldwide!

Though this has undoubtedly affected many people across the world due to the App's large audience, it not the first time Facebook has indirectly spearheaded a mass casualty—millions of users experienced crashes in apps like Tiktok, Spotify and more due to an error with Facebook's SDK.

As of now, there is no official communication from Whatsapp regarding the current issue, but while we hope it is resolved as early as possible, below are a few reactions.


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