Apple Watch is adding sleep tracking feature & a rebranded Fitness app

Apple Watch is adding sleep tracking feature & a  rebranded Fitness app

At its yearly WWDC keynote Apple has declared the following adaptation of watchOS - the product that supports the Apple Watch - will incorporate programmed hand-washing identification and tracking to help you improve your health and hygiene habits.

The product will utilize AI to recognize movement that takes after hand-washing, before enacting the receiver to check for sound prompts like running water or sprinkling. There's also the option to use location-tracking to enable alerts to remind you to wash your hands whenever you return home.

The other significant bump-up to watchOS 7 is sleep tracking, a long-requested feature that most rival smartwatches have supported for some time. Apple's iteration will quantify both the length and nature of your sleep, wake you with a quiet haptic caution, and give you an alarm in the first part of the day - including a suggestion to energize the Watch back, since it'll most likely need it.

Apple Watch is adding sleep tracking feature & a  rebranded Fitness app

Elsewhere, watchOS 7 will  highlight a new  so-called complications, which is Apple's expression for an onscreen widget on the Apple Watch. Now, designers and developers will have the option to empower more extravagant inconveniences so clients can tweak explicit watch faces themselves. You'll likewise have the option to share watch faces with others, another component Apple is calling Face Sharing. These will be accessible as curated watch faces in the Apple Watch application store or shareable between people or as connections via web-based networking media destinations.

The Activity app has also been re-branded Fitness and throws in some extra workouts like dancing and strength training. Sleep tracking maybe one of the most mentioned highlights since the Apple Watch was first presented in 2015. Apple says its native sleep tracking feature will let you set a sleep time and wake-up caution, utilizing the current Apple Watch vibration alert.


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