#TRENDING10 - Top 10 Tech News / Trends of the Week #14: iPhone SE 2020 (iPhone 9), Spotify, PlayStation, tutorials and more!

This week's edition of #TRENDING10 is packed with news/stories from Sony, Apple,  Spotify, Naughty Dogg, and a tutorial/guide. Here's what you need to know for the first week in April.

 #TRENDING10 - Top 10 Tech News / Trends of the Week - DE JAY'S BLOG

A new iPhone could be Released this month

According to multiple reports, Apple is planning to release a new iPhone this month, believed to be the iPhone 9 or the next in line for the SE and will not be the affected by global coronavirus pandemic. Specs, Pricing, colors, release date and more here ... 

Apple acquires Dark Sky ends Android Support

Apple the very popular weather app Dark Sky and for iPhone users, it means their experience is going to get better as it is most likely going to be incorporated into the Apple ecosystem but for Android users, not so much. According to a blog post by Dark Sky, they will be shutting down and ending support for all Android devices and API soon. Read more ...


Spotify now supports Siri on the Apple Watch

Spotify released a new iOS update which now enables Apple Watch users to ask Siri to play music through Spotify. You can now simply ask Siri to play music through Spotify by ending a music request with “on Spotify.” for example,
 “Hey Siri, play music on Spotify.” 
After the numerous critics from Spotify on how poorly Apple handled 3rd Party music services specifically Spotify last year,  Apple responded and allowed third party access to Siri in the iOS 13 SDK, hence this was expected.

In Gaming  ...

The Last Of Us Part II Delayed

Sony and Naughty Dogg, the makers of the Uncharted series -- which is also featured in this month's free PlayStation Plus games, announced on Thursday that the release of The Last of Us II has been postponed indefinitely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

PS Plus free PS4 games April 2020 revealed!

Sony’s free titles for April was leaked and later taken down but the titles for this month has been confirmed. Dirt Rally 2.0 and Uncharted 4: A Thief's end. Read more  ...

For our tutorial ...

DIY: How to build a Hands-free water & liquid soap dispenser

In this pandemic where experts have advised we keep washing our hands regularly and thoroughly and minimize  touching of stuff including your own face, here's a simple guide on how to build a water dispenser that automatically flows when your hands are beneath the pipe. The best part of it is that, it also solar powered and you can do it yourself. Read more ... 

It's been a rough first quarter in 2020 but here's some of the best Memes of Q1
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