Meet The 2020 LG Gram: Lighter and so much better!

LG Gram 2020

The 2020 LG gram has got so much better. Most of the changes this year are within the interior of the laptop. There are some things that still remain the same; they still have a single RAM slot ( 8 GB of RAM with an extra slot if you wish to upgrade) and a WIFI card running the latest Intel card that supports Wi-Fi 6.

The first of the big changes this year is the drive. This machine is now running PCLe nvme x making them much faster than the older LG Grams that ran the SATA drives. Another major improvement on this laptop is the battery. An 80 watt-hour battery is now being used instead of last year's 72, nearly a 10% increase. Battery life on this year's LG Gram can last you up to 9 and a half hours which is amazing for a 17-inch screen.

Lg Gram White

The most important change of all is the thermal system. The new LG Gram this year can finally maintain a slight turbo clock unlike before and are running on the Intel 10th-Gen CPUs alongside better GPU performance. So they are good for photo and video editing, but wouldn't give you enough power for rendering contents when it comes to video editing.

If you are interested in gaming then this is not for you. It performs fairly well but wouldn't be recommended. The screen has a 16:10 ratio instead of the normal 16:9 at 17 inches. This screen definitely is one of the unique features of the new LG Gram.

LG Gram 17 Keyboard Layout @PCMag
The keyboard has also been tweaked. The new layout makes it more spacious than in previous years. The backspace and shift keys are full-size. A larger number pad is also in play. There is also a fingerprint sensor on the power button. The laptop comes with three USB slots, Thunderbolt 3 port, and a barrel plugged AC adapter. This year, the whole package looks much better and feels lighter. Looking for a big but light laptop? This could be it for you.
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