Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2020, Accra - My experience & review.

Accra User group

I believe that with code, we can change the world and make it a better place by building products to make our lives easier. There is no limitation when it comes to coding yet you don't see a lot of "citizen developers" around. Thanks to Microsoft's integration stack anyone can have access to free hands-on-sessions and lab contents on how to create business solutions.

No-code and low-code sessions are preferred in any beginner's track. If you can get enough material offered by the community, you will be a pro in no time.
The event was a full-day presentation on Microsoft's Power Platform technologies, documentaries and tools we can use.

  • PowerApps
  • Power Automate
  • Power BI

The Accra User Group joined locations all over the globe holding this event on the same day. Instead of providing you with a story of what happened during the event like I did the last time, I want to use this opportunity to motivate anyone who is looking for good educational content on the internet or a community to join. With this type of experience, you can land your first developer job if you are looking for one or a career for yourself.

Power Platform Bootcamp
Intro to Power Apps with Frank

How to get started

1.  Create an Office 365 Developer Account - One of the MVPs of the Power Platform, Sam has created a detailed blog post on how to start your journey as a Microsoft Developer. Don't waste any more time, start now to join the elite group of office developers.

2. Get certified by taking courses from Microsoft Learn - Microsoft has detailed documentation on all the power platforms which are free and readily accessible. 

3. Join the community - Aside from learning on your own, you should be attending Power Platform meetups. Wherever you find yourself you should share your experience with other Power Platform enthusiasts. If you are in Ghana, you can join the Accra User Group.

Most Memorable Moment

From free food, free swag to making new friends it was hard choosing my best moment. There was no boring time during the event, but the Kahoot session climaxed an almost perfect event. If you’re not familiar with Kahoot, it’s a free web-based program that allows teachers to pose questions to students who then respond from a selection of answers electronically on their own devices. It records the answer each student gives to a question, as well as how quickly they respond, so teachers can use the data to assess everyone. Ultimately, it a fun and engaging tool that can be used to challenge and assess learners.

Also, the entire group had a conversation with Brian Dang, Program Manager, Power Apps where he showed us some of the apps he had built and answered some questions as well.
Throughout the event, I felt excited, nervous, tired, rushed, motivated, passionate and well informed. This was definitely another blissful experience and I always enjoy time with passionate and dedicated people. For anyone who is thinking of joining any tech community, I encourage you to sign up and join us during the next meetup. Truly there's strength in numbers.

My experience is simple, no need to get bamboozled with any programming jargon or technical stuff. Dedicate at least 2 hours a day! With dedication, hard work and commitment you can do great things in a short time. Finally, this does not mean the platform is taking developers' jobs away -- as some will say, "people with in-depth knowledge in programming will have an upper hand".
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