Battlefield V Introducing SOLOMON ISLANDS

Battlefield V is here with another map. Battlefield V on the update 6.0 is bringing the start of a new chapter 'Into The Jungle' a brand new map for the pacific theatre. This is Solomon Island. Battlefield has been releasing some maps over the past months to spice up the way of the battle for players. In Solomon Island, it's an intense map that plays brilliantly on breakthrough. With different map players are going to be pushing up the beaches,

the Americans working your way into deepest parts of the jungle where players are you going to grind, battle and pressing on to a final flag for victory to get enough points for cosmetics. Coming with this map, you will able to play it on conquest, squad conquest and team deathmatch. This Island is narrow, it's intense and it's a hell of a lot of fun. Solomon Island was brought alive by the same team that brought us Lockers and Argon Forest with reference to these players should be expecting a bit of grind in certain parts of the map. Players just can't wear fancy clothing around, you would have to look the part on the Island. The battlefield is offering brand new cosmetics for players to play around with and in the first few weeks of tides of wear you'll have some new ones to unlock and show off to their teammates and opponents. As well as there would be new weapons introduced type 11MG comes to support and the M2 carbine with causing high damage comes to assault.

 New gadgets will be also available to unlock with the M1A1 Bazooka and the Lunge mine. In this chapter of rank, there would things are done a little bit differently with a Legendary Japanese commando that you can unlock at rank 40 and can add to your Elites. There would be more Legendary Characters coming in the later chapter and there would be more information on that. Update 6.0 dropped a few days past and I will see you on the battlefield.

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