Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation

Apex legends season 4 was released a few days ago, and here are the honest impressions I have about it since I am a player myself. Respawn introduced a new legend as a spark to Season 4, Revenant. If we all can remember Revenant was the Master of the LTM fight or fright that was released in Apex Legends season 3. And he actually hopping unto the battlegrounds as an act of revenge for Hammond Robotics is going to bring competition between other legends on the battlegrounds. 

Apex will be awarding players who have stayed with them since their Launch in February giving them exclusive badges to show off to their teammates. Season 4 comes along with new features or as a consequence of the activities of Hammond Robotics distorting some areas of the map (World's Edge) and obviously the new legend. 

After playing for a while, Respawn seemed to have changed some categories of gun ammo. Sniper ammo has been introduced to sniper rifles with ammo color of blue. Was this really worth it? Since they give any information or patch notes about it in their new season. Sentinel is the new sniper rifle weapon that was introduced in Apex legends season 4 which does approximately 130 damage on a headshot.

And on more plays with weapons, the Legendary L-star seems to be new and an ordinary weapon that can be found when looting and has been replaced with the Devotion weapon now seems to be a legendary weapon. Well, for sure I wasn't expecting this but this change would also lead to the change in the playstyle of some players. And introducing the new battle pass with new challenges to complete everyday players can purchase cosmetics including the new Legendary Zero Point R-99 along with 3 new legendary skins and battle through the remaining 100 levels from the Apex Store with Apex coins to show off to their teammates and even opponents.

And the main event of season 4 is Revenant, giving a little bit more detailed information on him. He has the power to silence the power of his opponents, not bounded by human limitations he can quickly manoeuvre to strike with violent efficiency. But Revenant's ultimate power is the true embodiment of his terror. With enough energy, he can summon a dark totem that can protect any legend for a short time allowing them to escape death. I am thinking of painting him as my legend, what about you?. This is Apex Legends Season 4 Assimilation.
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