Monday, October 28, 2019

TNT Unveils New On Court Shot Clock in Lakers-Clippers Match

The NBA has been out for close to 5 months and the  new season finally started with the long and highly anticipated Lakers - Clippers matchup. TNT took the opportunity to debut their new shot clock innovation.

TNT (Turner Network Television) is an American pay television network owned by WarnerMedia Entertainment launched in 1988. Its program lineup consists of TV series and films as well as some sports including the NBA. Well to put it simply, this is what the regular shot clock looks like;

NBA Shot Clock
NBA Shot Clock
The shot clock just times how long a team has possession of the ball and ensures that they score within, 24 seconds. Now, I guess you're wondering what more can be added to this...๐Ÿ˜
Just imagine somebody took the "24" part and put it on the court. Like this;

New NBA Shot Clock
New NBA Shot Clock
I know, I know your imagination didn't come close.  This would provide viewers with another shot clock aside from the traditional one.  The ticking timer also changes its display color to Red when the shot clock is in its final 5 seconds. The new innovation is supposed to allow fans to keep their eyes on the court without having to look up to see how many seconds are left in the possession. 
However, basketball fans are not really sold on it yet. Some loved it, others thought they were playing a video game instead of watching an actual NBA match.

The new addition has garnered mixed reviews. It would probably decide if it would be fully implemented across the league.