Here's how to (unofficially) install Android on your Nintendo Switch

We wished for a switch emulator and got the opposite but we'll take for now!
Nintendo Switch has easily become one of the worlds most popular gaming console after recording more than 14 million unit sales since it's release in March 2017 and a major competitor to the XBOX and PlayStation. The unique quality of the switch is its mobility and convertibility (hybrid) which enable users to switch to a handheld console with the help of the pair of JoyCon controllers which can be attached and detached from screen side by side via rails using a locking mechanism. 

If you’ve ever thought of bringing out the full potential of your Nintendo Switch, luckily for you, there's now a proper and stable public release of Android, compatible with the Switch by a team of developers at the XDA Forums after teasing so many times. This firmware for the switch is based on Android 8.1 via LineageOS, the successor of CyanogenMod, a  ROM (custom firmware) for android devices with root access. 

This turns your Nintendo switch into an  Android tablet with a pair of (JoyCon) controllers  attached, bringing a whole new level of gaming on Android, access to internet, Bluetooth, Google apps and services -- Google Play means you can install and watch Netflix and chill,  and use almost every feature of the average android tablet without touching the software of your Nintendo Switch since it runs on an SD card.

The Cons

Since this is the first (beta) release, there are definitely bugs whose fixes are being worked on to be implemented in future updates, a few of them are poor battery life & drainage, WiFi connectivity issues, and no charging indication (although the console actually charges).

Here's a link to the official XDA thread containing the install instructions, source code and more.

In as much as you would want to try this out there are a few things you should note: 
  • Nintendo will definitely frown at this since no one wants you messing with their stuff; therefore expect no support from them
  • Running unofficial/modded software might be illegal in your country so make sure you're within the right sphere
  • We do not recommend this so DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK

Source: XDA Forums
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