Apple about to break up iTunes?

It looks like Apple is about to break up iTunes according to reports. iTunes is a media software that everyone loves to hate. The software may be nearing its death's door. Apple is probably set to split the software into standalone Music, TV, and Podcast apps in the next version of macOS. The new apps could take the format of Marzipan apps. Many developers would be familiar with Marzipan appsApple announced that it plans to use its UIKit frameworks developer tool to move iOS apps onto a Mac. UIKit is now used by developers mainly to handle user-interface elements for iPhones and iPods, while AppKit has been used for making MacOS software. These apps are similar to ducklings and could be annoying.

The Music app would presumably be focused on offering a home for the Apple Music service away from the baggage of iTunes. The TV app, of course, would be a place for Apple’s upcoming Apple TV Plus service to live, and the Podcasts app would get podcasts, of course. Books, which already has its own app on macOS, is also potentially getting a similar Marzipan redesign that would bring it more in line with the updated app that Apple released with iOS 12 last fall.

If you are wishing for the demise of iTunes, you might not want to pop your champagne corks yet. It's still early days. Apple is clearly looking to push shared code-base Marzipan apps as a big part of its upcoming macOS strategy. The app could be sticking out for some time, as it’s the only way to sync and interact with legacy iPod and iOS devices.

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