It's clear lately that Skype is not getting the attention it used to as compared to its early years of launch. This is not a big surprise because sixteen (16) years after it's launch (i.e 2019), Video Calling, the companies major feature and purpose is now common in almost every social media app. The competition was very tough but the company still records around 300 Million active monthly users (according to CNBC).

Microsoft has been working so hard to improve Skype; adding end-to-end encryption, and so far this year; web call recording, call merging, in-call chat improvements and many others but what has caught my eye so far is the increment of the number of group call participants at a time. I mean this makes it a more valuable business tool.

By doubling the number of video call participants at a time (from 25 to 50),  Skype is now a good competitor for Zoom's cloud meeting app which currently allows 100 participants to start with. 

When you attempt the call in a large group, a notification would be sent instead of it ringing on the members' devices. This setting would have been set by the user.

This feature is currently live for Skype Insider users. The Skype Insider Program allows users to get early access to features like these and test betas. If you can't wait to try it, you can become an "Insider" here or wait patiently for it to go public. 

UPDATE: This feature is now out of beta and has been a push as an update for the latest stable version. Update to the latest version to get it.

SOURCE: Microsoft 

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