Facebook is among many international tech companies which push for developer groups. In 2016, it was second on the list of companies with the most GitHub contributors. Its most popular open-source projects include React and React-native JavaScript development tools, Flow, botKit and many others. It’s currently only behind Microsoft as the company with the most contributors on open source projects. That speaks volumes about the priority FB places on developers.

This is a 4-day programme kicking off in April designed for students in their 2nd year of a university degree for Software Engineering internship with Facebook. Selected students would attend sessions to learn about the whole development cycle and build a project as a team via a hackathon, as well as improve their coding skills.

SEO Africa 2019 Facebook Hack-a-project Application Form. Apply now for the opportunity to attend the Facebook Hack-a-project event in Ghana
SEO Africa is a non-profit leadership development organization building its presence across the African continent. SEO Africa was created to select, train, mentor and provide corporate access to university students with the highest potential, and in the process develop a network of future leaders across Africa.

If you are interested, please apply here 

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