This is a new feature for the upcoming mac devices.

So many of us go in for third-party parts for repairs since they are way cheaper and better still, function as normal but it looks like the end of that era 🤧. According to MacRumors, Apple is blocking unofficial apple parts and they were able to achieve this through the new security chip called the T2. 

It doesn't end there...

With the same help of the T2 security chip, Apple is now going to block repairs from unauthorized repair centres. This means that if your local repairer isn't an authorized Apple dealer, your device can not be repaired by them!

Why the devices can't be repaired...

According to MacRumors, for any device with the T2 to be successfully repaired, Apple Diagnostics must be run or contrarily "result in an inoperative system and an incomplete repair". The Apple Diagnostic Suite as part of the Apple Service Toolkit is only used internally in Apple Stores and Authorised Apple Service providers. 

In Conclusion...
I feel this is highly unfavourable for customers in Africa where there are immensely few authorized apple stores. So many repairmen and customers are going to be affected. We hope they change their mind or make the Diagnostic Suite Public but as it stands it does not look good. 

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