Did you know that reCAPTCHA was owned by Google? YES! They acquired it back in 2009. Since it's inception, so many sites have benefited from it while though end-users have hated and still hate it. You can be asked to pick out pictures that meet a description or decipher a bunch of messy text and others just to prove "YOU'RE NOT A ROBOT".

Google announced the new and improved reCAPTCHA v3 this week which will make it less obstuctive. In the latest update, Scores would be used to prove "YOU'RE NOT A ROBOT".

Google promises that, reCAPTCHA v3 will never interrupt users with interactive challenges. Instead, it will give a score based on user interactions with the site. So a “good interaction” would be given a 1.0 score, whereas an interaction that is likely a bot would be given a 0.0 score. One example of how interactions can be scored is by detecting mouse movement to determine if you’re a human. There will be other methods for identifying human activity.

The reCAPTCHA v3 is still in beta mode but if you are a site owner, you can check out the reCAPTCHA developer page here for more information on how you can implement it on your website.  This should make the experience better for users, add better security for site owners and make the project more user-friendly. 

Finally! No more identifying annoying road signs, storefronts, cars and other time-wasting challenges before you can access a site. 
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