I personally haven't used this streaming stick before but I think this device isn't a success as compared to Google's other products. It has some pretty cool features to but I think it hasn't got the hype it deserves for a $70 device.

Yesterday, I bumped into a letter from Google to the FCC on twitter (via @roopakv) in which they(Google) filed a a request with the FCC to certify a new version of the 2nd-generation Chromecast. The new version has the same hardware as the original, but with Bluetooth enabled in the chip. Unfortunately, the old devices “will not receive the software update to enable legacy Bluetooth operations.”

The existing 2nd generation device already supports 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi and 2.4GHz Bluetooth Low Energy, but the new one will support standard 2.4GHz Bluetooth radio as well. Exactly what the company plans to do with Bluetooth is unclear right now, but it’s possible they plan on allowing the new device to connect to Bluetooth peripherals such as a keyboard or gamepad. We might hear about this new device at the upcoming Google I/O event next week, so stay tuned to our coverage of the event!

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