If you use an iPhone, you will realized that when you yell "Hey Siri", it triggers your digital assistant, Siri. You can command Siri to make calls, texts, Launch apps, set reminders and alarms, make reservations, ask for the latest news and so many more! But have you wondered how apple came up with that Phrase?

From Apple’s latest report on machine learningThe phrase ‘Hey Siri’ was originally chosen to be as natural as possible; in fact, it was so natural that even before this feature was introduced, users would invoke Siri using the home button and inadvertently prepend their requests with the words, ‘Hey Siri.’ Its brevity and ease of articulation, however, bring to bear additional challenges.”

They also explained how they've designed it to cope with accidental activations, and how the speakers easily recognize the activation words. Siri has been significantly developed over the years it is widely used as compared to Google Assistant, Microsoft's Cortana and  Amazon's Alexa.

It is rumoured that Apple is working to REVAMP 'Siri' but nothing has been confirmed yet. More will come to light in the latest iOS updates or in the next Apple Event!

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